better human being


Better human being


A world where everyone is mindful, kind and connected and stress is experienced as a positive and creative force.


Enlightening the world about stress and empowering people with personal insights to live a better life today.

From the Founders

Adam Wellisch and Andrew Easton founded the Lightkeeper Group in December 2019 in response to the global impact of stress on society. Little did we realise how much more important our mission would become when only a month later, COVID-19 dramatically changed the way we live our lives.

Ten years ago, the benefits of tracking steps and understanding sleep were not well understood outside highly controlled health environments such as sleep clinics, research facilities and exercise physiology labs.  These days, sleep and steps insights are available at your fingertips through wearable and smartphone apps. We intend to do the same for stress. 

The world health organization has identified stress as the health epidemic of the 21st century. We believe the most powerful way to address this problem is to raise awareness and create personal insights that empower individuals to experience a better life today.

This is just the beginning, stay with us.

Andrew and Adam.



Our Team

Adam Wellisch

Founder & CEO

Adam is a pioneer in global talent discovery. He was the co-founder and Chairman of Megastar (MSM:ASX). He previously held executive and non-executive positions for technology organisations ranging from start-ups to large multinationals such as Compass Group plc (FTSE:CPG) and BUPA. Adam was a Rifleman in the 8th/9th Royal Australian Regiment. Adam has played in 15 water polo grand finals & completed a solo crossing in the 19.7km Rottnest Ocean Swim.

Kat J Robinson


Kat is the Managing Director of The Project Factory and Way To Blue for APAC. The Project Factory is the global digital development arm of the Miroma Group. She is fascinated with wearables, behaviour change driven applications and gamification across digital systems and has worked across brands such as Neura, 20th Century Fox, The Heart Foundation, Virgin Airlines, ABC Bullion, Phillips, Roller Software and CSIRO. 

Andrew Easton

Co-founder & CPO

Andrew has a small digital consulting business where he assists startups and small businesses. He is the founder of a next gen social network in the US where he has been studying social networks and he has worked in senior technology positions in the  healthcare sector in Australia and Europe for 20 years. Andrew grew up in remote mining towns in Africa, PNG and Australia.

Melanie Rebane


Melanie joined Fire and Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) as a permanent operational firefighter in 2002. In 2016, Melanie was awarded the Australian Fire Services Medal (AFSM) for her commitment to the safety of the NSW community and is now leading the capability development framework to improve NSW preparedness to respond to severe catastrophic disasters.

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